Flying Up from the Ashes: A Woman Transformed Part 3

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{The final installment of the Woman Transformed series below. Read Part 1 & Part 2 if you like.}

A phoenix burning, wings open in prayer to the great divine, her world aflame, she said goodbye to all that was:

The woman who wrote that post about the time she thought her marriage was ending and it didn’t
The marriage as it was that began long ago and ended in a burning release ceremony under the full moon
The mother who believed she was failing at everything and ruining her kids forever
The human who had so much to give but was afraid of showing up and being seen, of using her voice and being heard, of putting herself out there and being so, so unwanted.

And as she burned, she was lit up like never before, cleansed of all that held her back, purified in vision and focus…

All turned to ashes…

And then…

And then she could see clearly.
And then she could love with an open heart.

And then she saw the little seed. The seed that had been there always. Waiting. The seed that had been transformed by the burning.

The seed was ready.
The woman was ready.

Heart opened, she grabbed all her tools, resources and support, all her wisdom gained along the burning path to renewal. She generously and ritually watered the seed with her love and attention. She made a sacred space and turned her loving spirit to the seed with care. 

And as the woman poured care into the seed of herself, she began to dream. She dreamed herself into being, growing with wild devotion as she nurtured and nourished her deepest desires and vulnerable truths.

After letting go of so much, she took up more space and began to a vision a life of possibility. Of actuality.

Actually having time with and space for all her parts…
Actually feeling connected and grounded as a mother…
Actually having partnership with her love…
Actually having people value her, her voice, her work…
Actually having a thriving life and self, within and without…

And then…

Having released her old story, holding this new story of possibility, of actuality, everything around her began to shift.

As she took up more space, more space was made for her.
As she used her voice more, more understanding was cultivated.
As she made time for being, more becoming was happening.

And not just within her, but with everyone around her.

So, after all, in the stillness of being, the peace of acceptance in her heart, all these things she had wanted for so long, that had seemed so elusive when she was stretching so thin, everything seemed right in her reach.

Her love with her husband.
The closeness with her kids.
The passion of her purpose.
The joy in her spirit.
The preciousness of life.

She held them all within. Inside of her breath. Inside of her being. All there, waiting, just like that seed.

The heart-full woman, confidence awakened and courage alive, unfurled her wings, took a moment to celebrate her sacred transformation, gathered herself to the edge of the vast and gorgeous spaciousness before her, the darkness now transmuted into light…
and she leapt…and flew…

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