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Whether you need relief right now, are planning for more ease and support ahead, or want to maintain well-being even while taking on bigger challenges, I am here to help. Our work together will be your own unique and personalized mix of academic, executive functioning, life coaching and mindfulness depending on what you need. 

My focus is on strategies, tools, skill building and support that grow independence and confidence. I believe in flexibility and adaptation because those things that get you to the goal may not be the ones to sustain and maintain your growth over time. My whole human and whole family approach ensures lasting, long-term effectiveness.


Learners, you know the most about your experience. You live through the complexities of each day and navigate your own reality that you know better than anyone. Your wisdom and insight are vital to our work together. You know what works and what doesn’t, what doesn’t feel fun but is definitely effective. You may or may not know your goals, how to get motivated, how to follow through, how to navigate the social aspects and emotional pitfalls of the learning and growing process. I’m here for all of it. No judgment. But no sugar coating either. I’m here with effective strategies to support real life and life long skills. My goal is you – confident and courageous – living your life with more peace, ease, joy, connection, creativity and authenticity. 

Parents and caregivers, you know most about your child/learner. You get them to school, practices, appointments, birthday parties. You juggle schedules, get their lunches squared away and get them up in the morning. I want to help make mornings and homework time easier, more efficient and – dare I say – more joyful. I’m here to help parents and caregivers and the whole family as a unit. With your intimate knowledge and my compassionate guidance, we can create circles of support around your child for their well-being and success.

Parent/Caregiver Support

Parents and caregivers, I am also here for you. I know the work and journey of coming to know a child’s needs, understanding what helps, finding support, figuring out what works and the continual adjustment and flexibility needed. It can be hard to balance it all, thinking, “how can I make this work for my whole family and me in the day to day?” 

From occasional individual sessions – maybe sessions once a month to stay connected and integrated into your child’s support plan and experience – to a series of adults-to-adult sessions around communication, setting limits, grief, family life transitions, self-care and more, I am here for the adults in these precious children’s lives. We could focus on an acute situation or tackle a longer project or shift. We all know whose oxygen mask needs to be on first, and I’m here to help families thrive. When families are thriving, children are thriving.

Sheila approaches every interaction with students, parents and teachers with deep empathy. She comes from a place of curiosity, hoping to better understand each constituent’s needs and to find ways to reduce the frictions keeping them from finding moments of success. She holds each interaction in the palm of her hand with caring and desire to help each person be the best version of themselves.
Mal Goss, Director College Guidance and Studies

Teachers that plug into the human relationships that drive student motivation and engagement are rare. Sheila is an amazingly gifted educator. The traits of calmness, clear-eyed, and inquiry-driven spring immediately to mind. She is deeply interested in growth and development and influences those working with her – students, colleagues and families alike – to stretch and reconsider what is possible

Brendon Jobs, Director of Upper School


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