Sheila Pai

Academic Support, Executive Functioning , Life Skills & Mindfulness

Academic & Learning Coaching

Managing workload. Learning support. Study skills. Notetaking. Essay writing. Self advocacy. Learner-family-school partnership.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Organization. Motivation. Time management. Planning. Prioritization. Long-term tasks. Sustaining a challenging schedule.

Life Skills, Mindfulness, Next Steps

Growth mindset. Healthy habits and well-being. College process. Gap year. Transitioning to independence. Job interviews and readiness.


I am so glad you made it here.

Exhausted from trying everything?
Tired of “working harder”?
Wanting things to feel more manageable?

I’m here to help:  

Get to the source of the tough spots and tricky patterns.
Explore together what tools and strategies work best.
Set up sustainable systems and build healthy habits.
Nurture growth of  independence, skills and confidence.


Sheila got me to stretch my skills.
Sheila gave me good advice to better myself and the future.
Sheila pushed and encouraged to take things to a deeper level.
Sheila was the best person to shepherd me on this journey of growth.
Sheila was a blessing for my writing skills and helping me balance everything.
Sheila was very helpful for my growth and gave me great feedback that I will take into my future classes.


Very supportive, helpful, kind, understanding, patient
Someone I had no trouble talking to whatsoever
An outstanding teacher and person
An amazing resource
A great mentor
A light 

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