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With almost two decades of experience as a certified teacher, including teaching community college and covering all subjects with a focus on writing/English and math, I have both range and depth of experience. The learners I have worked with have primarily been young adults ages 11-22 year of age. I have also trained in Foundations in Mindfulness for using the Inner Strength System (TM) for Transforming the Young Adult Mind.

Young adulthood is a period of dynamic growth and rapid internal and external shift along with intense brain development. These years are a vital time of incredible growth when mindful support can make a life-long difference and positive impact on every aspect of life. 

My ultimate purpose is for learners to be fully independent, my support a thing of the past as they step with life-long resilience and confidence into a life full of meaning, connection and joy.

Additionally, I am a parent of two children who each have unique learning journeys. I have been on the other end in an educational setting and been the mindful parent advocate for the specific, emerging and changing needs of each my children. I know how hard it can be (and, let’s face it, discouraging and exhausting at times) to work to understand and communicate their needs, explore possible accommodations and to enact student support plans all while monitoring and encouraging my child’s engagement in the process. I know how it feels to be trying this and that approach hoping for a clear path forward towards some relief and real growth for my child (on top of doing the everyday tasks). I also know the value of getting support as a parent and what a difference parent/caregiver support can make in the experience and growth of the child.

I am passionate about getting learners (and families!) the support they need to live joyful lives of connection and peace.

Sheila’s work creates a peaceful space where people feel safe to reach beyond their comfort zones to develop new skills and make sense of difficult subjects. Sheila makes strong connections with families to partner in supporting the whole learner and their support system through the challenges of learning. Anyone who gets to work with Sheila will experience deep, meaningful affirmation and a secure, supported place to develop their academic and life skills.
Megan Asplundh, M.Ed., Learning Specialist

Sheila Pai

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