Questions to Ask a Doula

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“Next time, I’m getting a doula!”

I have heard this many times. A doula is someone at a birth who is there just for the mama, unlike the midwife or the partner/dad. This is such an important, personal support person on the birth team. website tech info I wondered, due to the intimacy between mama and doula, how one chooses a doula.

What questions should one ask when interviewing a doula?

I thought I would share some links that have helpful suggestions for interviewing doulas. Each has questions that seem valuable. I have highlighted these below.

Ten questions to ask your doula-to-be: ParentMap 

  • “What’s your view of childbirth?”
  • “Why are you a doula?”

Questions for a Doula | Tips & Tools: Labor Support :: Childbirth Connection

  • How do you view your role at the birth?
  • How do you feel about ———–? (Ask here about any concerns or preferences that may be on your mind, such as pain/comfort issues, or the role of your partner.)

Natural Parenting Toolbox: Questions to Ask a Doula | mothering 

  • Tell me about some of the births you’ve attended.
  • Can you drive us to the birth center or hospital if necessary?
  • Will you meet with us after the birth to review the labor and answer questions?

NOTE: Many a mama has realized that dads/partners do not fill the same role as doulas. Read more in Dads vs. Doulas.” 

Did you have a doula at your birth? What questions helped you choose a provider?

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