Conscious Consumption Challenge: Update

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Earlier this month I began my Conscious Consumption Challenge, asking myself and you to consider:

  • What are we seeing daily? Hearing daily? Feeling daily?
  • What are we thinking? How do we talk to ourselves?
  • What are we eating? Buying? Using?
  • What are we doing? How are we doing it?
  • What are we consciously inviting into our lives?
  • What are we consciously moving out of our lives?

My focus on choosing connection helps me share this vulnerable parenting/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) moment with you during my video update (my daughter came in unexpectedly with chips):

This is what I wrote a week ago (feels like a month!) — or check out the video check in HERE:

The Question Is: What Is the Next Step?

Some of you are looking to be conscious of your mental and emotional input and output. Some of you are looking to be conscious about how much stuff you have and how it is (or is not) serving you now. web archive . Many of you are looking to consider your food consumption. (And I invite you and everyone to the Healthier, Happier Family e-series for bite-sized steps towards the goals you have shared and deeper sense of well-being.)

Regardless of where you wish to shine the light of consciousness, the next step to consider is How: How can we invite in thoughtful, reflective and empowered choice?

When you consider that question, “How can I invite in choice?”:

  • What comes to your mind?
  • What space can you create in your heart, mind, body and life?
  • What tools might you need?
  • What information do you want to know more about?
  • What anchors of rhythm or ritual can you establish?

I have felt deep shifts in consciousness in some areas…and light dustings in others as I draw my awareness towards connection, compassion, joy and peace.

I continue my journey this month and over the summer through the Healthier, Happier Family Series.


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