Conscious Consumption Challenge Update: Opening to the Unfamiliar and Unexpected

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Last week I shared a particularly vulnerable (and unexpected) parenting moment. (Watch here.)

Fortunately, the moment was familiar enough for me that I felt the value of keeping the camera rolling while I was filming my update and sharing in an incredibly public way my parenting blunder.

Well, this week, I had some smaller Aha’s:

I noticed that when I am shaky with my personal ritual of drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning, my whole hydration process is off for the day because it is simply not on my mind as much.

And I had some BIG Aha’s:

I, a writer and a mompreneur (mom+entrepreneur), realized that with warmer weather and growing children, my family and I are ready for me to settle into a rhythm of morning creative work time for me and my work with A Living Family. We are going to work this anchor in, and others will settle around it such as connection time after I finish working. Anchors such as lunch and nap will take on more meaning for staying close and mothering, and I will welcome the time after having the space to clear and create when I wake up with such intense fullness and freshness of ideas and energy. I also like to write in the dark, still, quiet of night….still working that in perhaps through early bedtime and early rise time — got the sleep focus coming up in the 12 Bite-sized Steps to a Healthier, Happier Family Series over the summer.

You see, change is a deep and magical process.

It’s about finding the NEXT thing that works NOW, not THE thing that works ALL the time (or for all children/people)….because there is no such thing.

Speaking of process…Here’s my video update:

This week: A Big (Unexpected! Unfamiliar!) Shift in my Business Vision and Passion for A Living Family

Whew! It feels such a relief to be clear and focused in my passion and efforts.

Communications Counseling for Relationships and Families:

Helping expectant and new parents develop strategies for communicating, connecting, living and growing…better, together.

A lot of work ahead…

There’s one week left in this Conscious Consumption Challenge. I look forward to working on this rhythm I’ve been wanting for months so I can fully integrate all the insights and shifts ahead from the my 12 Bite-sized Steps towards a Healthier, Happier Family Series.

I welcome your comments and connections here, the Facebook page or in an email.

How is this month of more Conscious Consumption going for you?

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