Know What ONE Thing You Do Today Will Make a Difference?

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Hello dear one,

How was your week? I hope you made some time to stop and breathe, to connect with what moves you, to cultivate meaning and purpose and joy through aligning with what matters most to you.

I wanted to ask you:

What ONE thing you do today will make a difference?

Think on it for a moment…

I wondered, where does you mind go when you you think about making a difference? What visions come to your mind’s eye? Is it an image of service? Is a vision of caring and connecting with others?

Did you happen to see an image of self-care when you were thinking about actions that make a difference? 

I invite you to consider that the ONE thing you do today that will make a difference might well be the thing you do for yourself.

Imagine a clear, compelling vision of a full cup, overflowing with ease, sustaining peace, connection and care for others.

Imagine what you can do from that place, what a difference you will make when your heart, mind, body and spirit are humming harmoniously at full power.

What a difference you can make then, my dear one!

I encourage you today to move yourself to the top of your priority list.

You are precious. Life is precious. Live that truth.

Find ONE thing you can do to care for YOU. 

Maybe it’s to:

  • stop and take one mindful breath
  • sit down and mindfully soak up the relief
  • drink your tea or water mindfully centering your mind on peace, ease, joy…
  • catch yourself and choose more mindful, affirming words to describe yourself, your situation, your world
  • do 5 min of dancing, yoga, stretching, movement
  • sing happily
  • write a gratitude list
  • write 3 things you appreciate about yourself

Whatever you do, I invite you to do it mindfully. Really feel the care you are giving to yourself; allow yourself to receive care fully. Take time to notice what you’re feeling in your body, what happens in your life, how others respond around you.

Maybe you’ll find that one thing leads to another and….who knows what goodness can come from caring for you?! I’ll tell you one thing that’s keeps on surprising me, though: Everyone I’ve ever worked with has confirmed my own experience that Mindful Self-Care goes well beyond benefitting you and brings deep benefit to those around you.

You and your loved ones (or clients) are worth the time and effort to care for you.

Reply and let me know how it goes with your Mindful Self-Care practice…or if you’re stuck. 

And if you would like some help integrating self-care practices as you work to be a mindful partner or a mindful parent, remember that my Mindful Communication course is all about helping you to blend connected communication with others and nurturing care and connection with you.

Stay tuned for details about a free call on Tuesday, March 31 where you can ask questions, get support and connect with me and others.

I am wishing you peace, ease and nurturing care, dear one,

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  • travel

    Hi Sheila, I love that you are quoting Parker Palmer. One of my dearest Spiritual teachers. I had the good fortune of living in ‘intentional community’ with he and his former wife Sally before I moved to California. And then 4 years later when I was graduating from JFK University…guess who gave the commencement address? Yes, Parker. Perhaps one of the most important gifts that I gleaned from those months living in WI in the community was the importance of deep self-reflection! He and Sally along with other ELDERS of the community I learned self-care. They modeled it beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing his quote.
    ~Cynthea Denise, R.N. C.Y.T.A.

    • travel

      What a gift, Cynthea! That you had these experiences and this guidance and that you took time to comment here. I so appreciate you sharing this personal journey. I love the message that elders modeling self-care makes a difference.
      Wishing you peace and ease, dear one,

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