Intuitive Birth Preparation: Dads and Sibling Preparation

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[This is the last of a series of three posts on birth. The first was on labor, postpartum and other birth information. The second included links to birth stories and videos. This post is intended to gather links for dads or birth partners as well as resources to prepare siblings.]

With all the transitions going on for me and my daughter (who would be 26 mo at her brother’s birth), I wondered and worried about my daughter’s role during my second homebirth. As it turns out, she was fantastic and everything was natural and flowed. Some of my favorite moments were having her with me through contractions in the tub while I waited for the tub to be filled and reading the book “We’re Having a Homebirth!” right as my water broke and the final stages of birth ensued. Having her there was so special to me. In fact, when I needed to not be alone, she was the only one there! I love that girl…..

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