Welcome to this safe, nonjudgmental space.

Welcome to this safe, nonjudgmental space.


Regardless of what you are facing in your day to day in your relationships, your parenting or your personal life you are welcome to this safe space .

Maybe you are feeling…

  • Overwhelmed from juggling the needs of family, home, work, friends
  • Tapped out, touched out and in need of some vital self care and renewal
  • Tired of the yelling and time outs and want to stay away from spanking
  • Done with the disconnection and distance in your relationship
  • Alone, isolated and in deep need of some support and someone to really listen

Make yourself at home.

You are enough. You matter.

You are enough. You matter.

I invite you to grab a cup of tea or beverage of your choice.

Get support. Be heard.

Learn. Laugh. Love. Connect.

You are not alone. You matter. 

Remember: You are enough.

Stay a while, and fill your cup.

Nurture yourself, nourish tomorrow.

Nurture yourself, nourish tomorrow.

Nurturing and Nourishment are right here, especially for YOU.

“Sheila has an ability to listen deeply. She has an innate wisdom. My talks with Sheila have really helped me to shake off my negative upbringing and raise my children in a more peaceful way. I feel happy and more centered. It just reinforces how I want to be.”

Get support for a healthy, happy, thriving family and life.

My purpose is to nurture connection in order to sprout peace in the world, one heart at a time.

My passion is to help parents cultivate thriving families by getting You the tools, resources and support to:

  • Step fully into the power of the present moment.
  • Get the tools, resources, community and care you need
  • Heal, rejuvenate, connect, relax…whatever helps you and your family feel whole
  • Experience the best You you can be, as a parent or a partner or a person.
  • Create A Living Family, a connected and thriving family in your heart and home.
I offer holistic coaching and community support for parenting, relationships, birth and life challenges.

I offer holistic coaching and community support for parenting, relationships, birth and life challenges.

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Welcome to A Living Family.