Two-letter Shift, Big Change: Opening to Possibility

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For years, I have had the same waking dream.
For years, that dream seemed far off.
For years, part of me believed it was an impossible dream…

Lately I’ve become aware that my dream is not only possible but is totally and completely doable.

After this truth came alive in my heart and spirit (and before my inner critics incited a flood), I had the most beautiful moment of unfolding…..I saw the possibilities…..and they were gorgeous.

It all started because of my friend Katherine Carey. Every December, I do a retreat in NYC with my fashion forward friend in business – Hats. Venture. Wanderlust…that’s her business. She puts together the most delightful retreats for us, complete with pretty notebooks and lovely folders and ribbon wrapped vision boards. (Check out her Project Millin’air Patreon for all the goodness…your support would be a major shift towards her dreams.)

I looked back at my writing from the last two retreats we did together. So. Much. Growth. A lot of transition. Shedding. Shifting. And there, this past December, was a 3-page list describing what it is like in my dream life in the future at the most sparkly level of dreaminess. My absolute yum life.

Earlier this week I was at home on private, full-day retreat with my dear Lezette Markham (friend and owner of Simply Art World). After describing my dream, my fears, my realities to Lezette, I saw this list during our lunch break. When we came back together, I read the list out loud to her.

And as these sound vibrations flowed out of my mouth, the possibility that I had been closed and blinded to for so long suddenly rolled forth, word by word, line by line, dripping from my lips and forming this tangible reality…one sitting right. there.

I sat in awe of my dream, so clearly articulated.

In awe of the truth.

ALL of this and more…possible….probable….meaning

My dream that I have had for years…
My dream that I thought was far off…
My dream that part of me believed impossible….

Is here.
Is happening now.
Is unfolding within my very eyes and heart….except…

The entire 3-page dream is true, except for one word…one, tiny, two-letter word…

The word “on” was in one line of the dream list. By changing that word “on” to “near” the entire dream shifted from improbable (not truly impossible) to a very real and accessible option.

See, over the past few weeks, I had faced the reality that I was trying to control my dream. And in trying to control it I was practically killing it. One aspect in particular had become the focus of my control – that word “on” was at the center of it all. Letting go of that two-letter word, and all it represented, felt too huge loss to me. Clinging and clenched fists around this in my heart, I needed to admit this was preventing me from possibility.

A little limitation is helpful for creativity…This control had been leading me to a stuck place where I could not see the possibilities clearly.

Recently, though, I began to loosen my grip of the particulars of what my dream looks like, to allow and accept. I felt the instant opening and unburdening…an unfettered dream emerging…wild devotion…

So, by Monday, I had already set the stage for a massive wave of clarity in that spaciousness during a private retreat with Lezette. (She’s helping me bring my new website and vision to life, which happens to include private online and in person retreats like the one she did with me!) Awareness and insight and relief that I had felt from letting that aspect go washed over me all over again, at deeper levels, shaking off all the crusty scales of doubt and fear.

I opened to release…
I opened to receive…
I opened to the mystery, the journey, the unknown…
I opened to possibility…


Such a momentous shift of heart and mind and life, yet all it looked like on paper was the shift of a tiny, two-letter word.

Tiny shift. Big Change.

Mindful Shift.
Mindful Self-Care.
Mindful Communication.
Wild Devotion.
Coming Home (coming soon…)

This is my work. This is my life. This is my dream. This is me.

I love that it can be that simple. For me, my dream, my work, are worth all the sweat, tears and heartache.

Two little letters…momentous shift…opening to possibility…

Where can you open to possibility? What is your two-letter shift? What truths and openings come when you let go of control?

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