The #1 Secret to Cultivating a Thriving Life

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“If you want life to blossom and bloom, you need to tend the soil.”

Tending the soil means tending to your values, rhythms and the ways you nourish and nurture yourself.

  1. Cultivate your values.

    Look at your day-to-day. Do the thoughts, beliefs, and activities that draw your energy (and you have control over) align with what matters most to you? Do they support your deepest values? (Don’t know what your deepest values are? Here’s a guided meditation to help.)

  2. Create a life of rhythm.

    Choose daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and/or ongoing rhythms. Find simple, reliable rhythms of care, presence, connection…all the things that hold meaning for you, that fill your cup, that meet your needs. Morning tea, your favorite movement class, a monthly meet up with a friend, a yearly personal retreat, one mindful breath before your meal.

  3. Care for and about you.

    Nurture yourself with loving kindness, appreciation, fellowship and curiosity about what you are feeling, needing, interested in, desiring. Nourish yourself with rest, vibrant foods, sun, fresh air and affirming thoughts. Stop. Pause. Breathe. Be….

Watch how tending to your values, rhythms and Mindful Self-Care allows you to live, love and thrive in ways you and other notice.

The efforts you put in now matter. The energy you put in translates into a bountiful garden you can draw from when you are feeling depleted or down. This is a place from which you can draw sustenance and clarity when you are moving through both natural and unexpected life events and changes.

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As always, I will continue to remind you:

You are precious. You matter. You are enough.

Wishing you peace and ease, dear one,


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