Community Guidelines

My Community Guidelines: A community committed to conscious care…

My goodness, precious being, I am so very glad you are here in this Community. This is a space for you, for all of us. As we are sharing the space, and particularly because of the work I do, we all make a commitment by being part of this Community to bringing our most compassionate and conscious self to the group and this work.

This commitment to conscious care in this Community looks like:

  • Accepting (and ideally valuing) the differences that exist among us as well as the commonality in all of us being human
  • Maintaining the safety and openness of the space through thoughtful language when sharing and when speaking up about a conflict or concern
  • Honoring that all the downloads and other content is private and exclusive and not to be shared without Sheila’s permission (which she is prone to give when honored in this way, so feel free to ask!)
  • Letting Sheila know if something isn’t working or is missing or when you have a question or when you have a resource or story you’d like to share with me or when you value or enjoy something…anything anytime because I love connecting and hearing your thoughts and experiences!
  • Respecting that when you choose to invest in my products and services that you are exchanging energy with me for my time, money, effort, energy, wisdom and experience, support which I take very seriously, so there is no refunding my nor your side of the investment

If someone demonstrates an inability to connect according to these guidelines, I will communicate directly. People who are not able to adhere to these community guidelines of conscious care be respectfully removed from the community.

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