This is coaching.

In Community.

A uniquely beautiful quality of care…

These group coaching calls are accessible support so you can feel less alone, more joyful, less overwhelmed and more at peace. Walk away with helpful tips, heart-warming encouragement and life-affirming inspiration, even if you never take the phone off mute.

Clear. Connected. Confident.

A Living Family Community Calls are for people who:

  • want a bit of coaching support
  • could use a boost now and then
  • value hearing others’ solutions
  • are seeking community
  • would like a taste of deeper support

Upcoming Coaching Call

Thursday, June 1st
8 pm ET / 5 pm PT

What Others Are Saying

The phone calls and hearing from others was very valuable to me. We all seem to have similar problems to different degrees and with slightly different twists.

Its always feels good to know you’re not alone and hear how others have been working through similar problems brings a great deal of hope for me.

Even when I wasn’t able to participate in a call, I enjoyed the chance to listen to them later.

I loved that there were couples on the calls not just mamas or women.

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