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Present (not perfect) Parenting: Cultivating Connection using Empathy

Just this week I told some new parent friends of mine about listening to feelings, about Hand in Hand Parenting tools and about the new book Listen that is my #1 recommendation for parenting [...]


How I Claimed My Happy

It has been a wild month of website reveal giveaways and 40th birthday love! I am so appreciative that folks held space for my sharing over this past month. The woman I was before would never [...]


Bold Boundaries: What Would Wild Devotion Do?

My story rolled in fierce and fast. I watched in a weird in and out of body/mind experience, part of me fully aware of being hit by a wave of my old story yet part of me drowning under the [...]


Two-letter Shift, Big Change: Opening to Possibility

For years, I have had the same waking dream. For years, that dream seemed far off. For years, part of me believed it was an impossible dream… Lately I’ve become aware that my dream is not only [...]


Leaving a Legacy: Part 2: Releasing the Past, Shifting the Present

[This is Part 2 of Leaving a Legacy. Read Part 1: Ritual of Devotion.] Perhaps the stories I have found myself trapped within are not really mine at all… In order to release a story that has a [...]


Leaving a Legacy: Part 1: Ritual of Devotion

Each morning when I rouse from sleep but am not yet “eyes open” and up for the day, I take a moment to pause and say to myself my phrase of the year in my mantra, “I am wild devotion,” and feel [...]


Mindful Self-Care: A Self-Love Turned Real Love Story?

A mama friend who I haven’t talked to in a while messaged me the other day. “Sheila. I’m losing it. Can you call me tomorrow?” When we talked, she opened up about how she’s feeling unappreciated, [...]


Flying Up from the Ashes: A Woman Transformed Part 3

{The final installment of the Woman Transformed series below. Read Part 1 & Part 2 if you like.} … A phoenix burning, wings open in prayer to the great divine, her world aflame, she said [...]


Saying Goodbye to All That Was: A Woman Transformed Part 2

{Part 2 below, including the end of Part 1. Read the complete Part 1 here.} … She had cowered her whole life in a tiny little patch of light in a vast, dark room, thinking that it was good [...]


Losing Her Story: A Woman Transformed Part 1

Well, what can I say friends? I laughed out loud when I found and reread this post I read, The Time I Thought My Marriage Was Ending. I laughed again, knowing I had no idea when I wrote that post [...]


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